Suncorp joins Way Forward as its latest member

Way Forward would like to thank Suncorp for its commitment to addressing people experiencing financial hardship by joining Way Forward as its latest member.

Through its membership, Suncorp customers who need extra support in managing their unsecured debts across multiple lenders will be able to access Way Forward’s service.

Way Forward CEO David Berry said, “With Suncorp now joining as a member of Way Forward, its customers with debts across multiple lenders who are struggling to make ends meet, can access Way Forward’s service”.

“We will advocate on behalf of customers who need support in paying off their debts.”

“The strength of our partnership with our members benefits bank customers, by better supporting them to get out of debt faster.”

Suncorp logoSuncorp Executive General Manager Bruce Rush said Suncorp is pleased to partner with not-for-profit debt solutions provider, Way Forward to provide customers in need with additional independent financial advice.

“Each year we help a number of customers through times of financial hardship however we understand that in some circumstances, customers need greater and more holistic support to regain control of their finances.”

“Way Forward will help to provide customers with support across multiple creditors and provide an achievable pathway back to financial stability.”

Way Forward is a holistic service that offers one on one support from our hardship advocates who negotiate with creditors on behalf of people who are struggling to pay multiple debts.

The last 12 months have been particularly challenging considering impacts to household income and economic uncertainty as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, Way Forward has continued to work hard to negotiate repayment plans with creditors to ensure the people we support are on their way to becoming debt free.