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What is a financial counsellor and how can they help you?

By Fiona Guthrie, CEO of Financial Counselling Australia Photo Credit: Scott Jewell, ABC. Anyone can find themselves in financial difficulty. You might lose your job, get sick, or your relationship might break down. You may simply not have enough money to make ends meet. If this happens to you, a financial counsellor can help. Financial […]

Brad had been in survival mode for a decade trying to pay off debts until he could no longer afford groceries

When Brad turned 18 years old, he took out his first loan. He borrowed money to buy the things he always wanted as a kid but could not afford: a big screen television and a new sound system, and a nice secondhand car. Fast forward 10 years and his was unable to pay off those debts anymore, in fact, he could no longer afford groceries. He was in trouble […]

Everyone can play their part in helping to address financial hardship

In light of the severely detrimental economic impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the Australian economy, it is more important than ever to understand the meaning of hardship and how to support people going through a tough time.    According to the Financial Rights Legal Service, there are often two main reasons for financial hardship:  a person could afford the loan […]

Mark felt let down by his lenders but through asking for support and getting his business back on track, he’s come a long way

Mark ran a cleaning business on and off for nearly 18 years, but it was challenging. He faced issues like customers who wouldn’t pay, unpredictable contracts and increasing price of supplies and equipment.    “You don’t want to feel that you’re failing, you have the plan, you have the wife and children to support, which is why the pressure was all on me.   […]

Nicole started getting sick and she fell into debt, but as her financial situation improved, so did her health

About four years ago, Nicole started getting sick. Her health got progressively worse. Then, she needed to attend a time-consuming number of specialist appointments and pay for medication, which led to her losing the ability to work full time.   “I had to use up like all of my savings and then I wasn’t getting a full income. I was living in city where it’s a little […]

The repayment plan Liz has from Way Forward has given her the space to ‘do life’ again

Liz ended up in financial hardship when she lost her job. Luckily, she found work again but this time but her new role paid much less. This severely impacted her ability to meet her loan repayments.   She hopes to one day find work that pays a higher wage but, in the meantime, Way Forward has put together a plan, which is helping to repay her loans. She is clear […]

Way Forward negotiated affordable repayments with Nira’s creditors and now she’s paying off her debts

Following a long-term relationship break down, Nira was saddled with debts that were part of the relationship but was then stuck with paying those back by herself.      “It was really overwhelming to have to pay the debts. I was in repayment every fortnight and it was two different banks.    I had to overwork myself. I was so stressed.”   She was referred to Way Forward […]

Hani wanted to pay back creditors but needed help

“We want to pay back our debts but we want to make it affordable…Way Forward put together a plan. I could see the light at the end of the tunnel.”  Hani and her husband were so excited to have bought their first family home. They had chosen house and land package that was perfect. Once […]

In sickness and in health – Lee’s story

I still deal with that bank today simply for the fact that they looked after me. If they hadn’t done that I would have said: yup, I’m out and just walked away and gone somewhere else to go bank.  When Lee became sick with cancer, it strained not only on his personal life but also the company he was running.    “We had a new […]