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BNPL Survey

Welcome to the Way Forward Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) Survey. We’d like to understand your thoughts and experiences when it comes to BNPL products.

Please click on the Next button below to start, and on each page to move through the survey. At the end of the survey, we will provide you with your risk of financial vulnerability.


Please note: Way Forward does not promote any payment or credit products. We recommend our clients seek independent, professional financial advice or reach out to our team if they are in financial hardship.


Which of the BNPL providers have you used in the last 12 months?

Australian Currency

What type of BNPL services have you used?

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What have you used BNPL to pay for?
Tick all that apply.

Cheerful happy woman enjoying shopping: she is carrying shopping bags and running to get the latest offers at the shopping center

In the past 12 months, what has been your highest amount of money you’ve owed to all your BNPL providers? Please use numbers only, amount in Australian dollars.

BNPL Buy now pay later online shopping concept.Hands holding mobile phone

When thinking about your use of BNPL products, which of the below statements do you agree/disagree with?

I’ve used BNPL to pay for basic living expenses (groceries etc.)

I understood the repayment terms when taking on a BNPL agreement

I’ve used BNPL to manage my debts

I’ve used BNPL when I felt no other credit options were available to me

I’ve used BNPL before on a whim and regretted it late

Close up on a conceptual watch with the text late fees. Due date and unpaid invoices penalties concept. 3D illustration.

Have you ever received a late payment fee using BNPL?

If yes, why did you pay a BNPL late fee?