Free Support to Manage Your Debts

Way Forward Debt Solutions is a Not For Profit organisation that provides a free service to clients who are in financial difficulty, assisting them on a path to financial stability. We advocate for our clients with their creditors to renegotiate an affordable repayment plan. This is not a Part 9 Debt Agreement or Bankruptcy arrangement.  Once an arrangement is agreed, clients then make a single payment to Way Forward, which is distributed to the clients’ creditors in accordance with their payment plan. Our sole purpose is to help people manage and repay their debts.

How does it work?

We go through three simple steps to help you find a way out of debt.

1. Understand your situation

We will ask you a few simple questions to understand your situation. This will include your debt and how much your repayments are. We also ask about your income and regular expenses to understand what you can afford. We will outline your options and you make the final decision.

2. Develop a repayment plan

Once we know what you can reasonably afford, we contact your creditors on your behalf. We advocate with your creditors to ensure that your repayment plan is affordable and that you still have enough money to cover all of your living expenses. We act on your behalf so that your creditors will no longer contact you for payments.

3. Provide ongoing support

If you are happy with the plan we developed, you make one recurring payment to us. The payment is then forwarded to all your creditors, keeping things simple for you. If your situation changes, you can contact us and we can renegotiate a more affordable payment plan with your creditors. You can find more details about how we can help you here

Our supporters and partners

Way Forward was established through a partnership between the community sector and the financial sector. This included representatives from Social Ventures Australia, Thriving Communities Partnership, the Australian Banking Association, ANZ, NAB, Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, Bank of Melbourne, BankSA, St.George and Bankwest.

Way Forward Debt Solutions is a registered charity in Australia – ABN 20 628 702  821