Who is Way Forward?

Way Forward is a combined initiative of corporate and community founders.

You can read more about us here.

We provide free assistance to people in financial hardship by helping them to get out of debt faster.  As a not-for-profit organisation we provide assistance by:

  • Assisting you in establishing a workable budget
  • Advocating on your behalf to establish affordable arrangements with your creditors (note - we are not a Part IX Debt Agreement or Bankruptcy)
  • Help with debt repayments, so you can make one regular payment to us, which we then distribute to your creditors

How does it work?

People we’ve helped get out of debt

Our supporters and partners

Way Forward is the combined initiative of corporate and community organisations that are committed to helping people all across Australia find out how to get out of debt with free, simple and accessible debt advice and debt management services. We are proudly supported by the following organisations: