Debt Repayment Calculator

Our interactive debt calculator and budget tool allows you to understand you current financial situation. See how much your repayments could change by entering your current loans and adjusting the repayment amounts below.

  • Step 1: Tell us about your current loans
  • Step 2: Now let’s see how much you can save
  • Step 3: Your budget
  • Step 4: Hardship request

This repayment calculator is intended only as a guide – results generated will be an estimate only. We accept no responsibility for any losses suffered as a result of using it.

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Step 1 of 4: Tell us about your current loans

This is how much you are currently paying

Start here by selecting the loan type and then enter the loan details making sure the interest rate is correct. Once you have added your first loan, click on the ADD button to add extra loans and continue entering the data starting with the loan type each time.

Step 2 of 4: Now let’s see how much you can save

Move the slider to see how much time and money you can save by adjusting your monthly payment amount

So, you will save
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By increasing your total monthly repayments to:
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Let’s see how that looks:

The white line shows how much faster you can pay off your debts.

Step 3 of 4: Your budget

Work out a budget

This section is intended to work out your incomings and outgoings so we can see what is left. This calculates your monthly gross and net income.


Other income



(Not including your current debts)

Please put 0 for any expenses that do not apply to you

Step 4 of 4: Hardship request

Lodge a hardship request

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We encourage you to provide any additional information that will be helpful in your hardship request including any particular support you would like or any other additional information.
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