How we are funded

100% of the repayments you make under a payment plan go towards repaying your debts. We do not deduct any fees or charges for our services.

We may receive voluntary donations from creditors to help us meet the costs of providing our services. As a general guide, the amount we receive from a creditor as a donation will be 20% of any amount the creditor receives from our clients. So, for example, if you make loan repayments of $100 through us to a particular creditor under a payment plan, that creditor may pay us a donation of $20 (although any such donation is voluntary and no creditor is required to make a donation to Way Forward).

The voluntary donations we may receive could be seen as an incentive to not act in your best interest. We would like to assure you that as a not for profit organisation our primary focus is you, and helping you get back on your feet. If you’d like more information about how we manage these conflicts please call us.

We would be happy to respond to any questions you may have about these arrangements.