ING Bank joins Way Forward to better support customers in hardship

ING Bank in Australia becomes Way Forward’s newest member, deepening its commitment to support customers who need help addressing their financial hardship.

Through the membership, ING will work with Way Forward’s team of Hardship Advocates to refer relevant clients to its free service. The bank will also make donations to support the work Way Forward does to help Australians struggling with debt.

Way Forward CEO David Berry said: “Since landing down under, ING has always brought a breath of fresh air to Australian banking and customer service, and we’re thrilled to have them on board. Way Forward is a member-based organisation and without the support from organisations like ING, we couldn’t keep going.”

“Through our work helping hundreds of Australians around the nation, we know many reasons lead to financial difficulty and it can really happen to anyone. And we know many Aussie households are welcoming 2022 with money worries weighing heavy on their mind.”

“This is why it’s more important than ever financial institutions find effective ways to assist customers through solutions that deal with debts across all organisations the customer owes money to. Together, we can address the whole sum of the problem debt, not just a part of it.”

ING Australia’s Head of Retail Banking András Hamori said: “At ING our purpose is to empower our customers to get ahead. We’re very mindful however that many Aussies are indeed struggling with their day-to-day financial commitments, especially after a particularly tough couple of years with the COVID-19 pandemic. We know that no one intentionally gets themselves into financial hardship and overcoming it can be difficult without the right support.”

“Way Forward’s unique skills and experience in supporting Aussies in financial hardship will complement ING’s existing initiatives to support customers through tough financial times.  We know banking and finance can sometimes feel complex and hard to understand, which is why we actively try to make the overall banking experience simple and easy, so our customers can focus more on the things that matter to them.”

“This exciting partnership with Way Forward is the perfect way to further support customers affected by financial hardship who are doing it particularly tough. Our focus is helping them get back on track financially so they can feel empowered once again.”

By David Berry

David is the CEO of Way Forward with over 25 years’ experience in the Financial Services Industry. With a passion for ensuring people who need assistance are supported with compassion and kindness, David and the wider Way Forward team have built Way Forward’s free service to always begin with the client’s best interest regardless of why they’ve landed in hardship.