Christmas is the perfect time to organise your budget

First published on 9Honey

With just 24 sleeps left until Christmas we are getting to the ‘business end’ of the festive season. For those who haven’t started their Christmas shopping yet, you may want to get cracking.

The problem with leaving Christmas shopping until the last minute is it can lead to unplanned purchases, which can cause budget blowouts.

To help Aussies avoid financial hardship, registered charity Way Forward has the following excellent suggestions so you can enjoy the festive season without money worries.

It’s all about making sure your overall budget is on track, by following these tips:

Have a goal

It will be easier to stick to a budget or a savings plan if you have a long-term goal in mind. Setting a clear goal keeps most people on track and makes the whole process feel nicer. It’s all about flipping to a positive mindset instead of dwelling on the negatives.

Set up a savings account with automated transfers – and don’t touch it!

Setting up a savings account with automated transfers on payday is a great way to save money, hassle free. Sometimes it’s too easy to dip into your savings account – consider opening a savings account with another bank so you’re less likely to use the funds.

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