Way Forward negotiated affordable repayments with Nira’s creditors and now she’s paying off her debts

This is my story

Following a long-term relationship break down, Nira was saddled with debts that were part of the relationship but was then stuck with paying those back by herself.     

“It was really overwhelming to have to pay the debts. I was in repayment every fortnight and it was two different banks.   

I had to overwork myself. I was so stressed.  

She was referred to Way Forward who could negotiate with those two creditors on Nira’s behalf.   

It was the first time she had heard of Way Forward.  

When I started talking with Way Forward, it was Matthew who was corresponding with me. He did a terrific job.  

“What he did was, because the debts belong to two different banks, he wrote to them and then got them to agree to matching proposals based on my income and level of debt with each bank.  

I was so happy for the terrific job that Matthew has done for me.  

didn’t know that such services stayed until recently, I would be more than happy to refer to people. 

The best part was, when I tried to negotiate personally, it wasn’t making any headway but having Matthew to do it for me, he got the approval.  

then went about my personal business, and he did everything for me.  

“Now I have a plan. I know how much I’m going to be repeating every fortnight so it’s predictable.  

I’m looking at life with so much hope as what so much is spent expectancy and positivity. Thinking I have most of the things under control. 


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By Rachel Ryan

Rachel is a policy and communications specialist with over a decade of experience working in government, education and not-for-profit organisations. She is grateful for the opportunity to work alongside Way Forward’s clients to assist them in sharing their story on their terms, in a way that is empowering and uplifting.