Trying to hold everything together in tough times – Naomi’s story

This is my story

“When your soul mate is falling apart and you’re the backbone trying to hold everything together with two children struggling with epilepsy, your mind finds it very hard to think straight without this tremendous weight on your shoulders, wondering if you’ve done enough to pay the mortgage whilst keeping food on the table and being able to afford the kids medication.”

As a result of losing work and health issues, Naomi’s life was falling apart. She was unable to negotiate with creditors to develop a repayment plan. 

“I was repeating myself repeatedly to debtors hoping they understand. 

Naomi is now working with Way Forward to manage debts that were growing every day. Their situation is improving gradually. 

I’m not going to work in tears, I’m not scared to answer my phone, I’m watching our mortgage dwindle away back to where it should be.   My partner was able to find work and we’ve been able to start rebuilding a safety net. 

We see ourselves swimming back up to the surface now, we don’t feel like we are weighed down unable to catch a breath. 

We’ve also promised ourselves to save our money for things we’d like and stay away from the quick easy loan shark way of life. 

Naomi had reached out to another paid service to assist with their finances, which she felt did not assist their situation. 

It blew our confidence right out. 

“Way Forward has provided us peace of mind and if anyone was to talk to me about their financial issuesI’d be handing over Way Forward’s number. 

Overall, we are just so relieved we got the help.  It’s almost like someone was watching over us. 

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