living proof Way Forward works

“I’m living proof Way Forward’s service works”

This is my story

Three years into her repayment plan, Katrina can’t wait to pay off her debts and begin a new debt-free chapter

New country, new opportunities

Migrating to Australia many years ago, Katrina recalls being faced with a bewildering number of things to learn and opportunities to explore. When she eventually landed a full-time job in private healthcare, she started earning a comfortable wage and a new, exciting phase began for Katrina, her four kids and partner.

As her husband was retired, Katrina was the sole bread winner and worked two jobs to financially support her family. At this time, many lucrative offers for all types of credit started popping up around her. She had a comfortable salary and the offers seemed too good to miss so she didn’t think twice.

“I never used credit cards or anything like that in my home country so I was pretty clueless financially, which eventually landed me in a total mess.”

“At the time, my wages had to cover living expenses for a family of six and on top of this, I also sent money to my parents to take care of them. When my late father became terribly ill, I flew the whole family back home to see him.”

“I also paid for my family’s holiday in the US where I put way too many things on my credit cards. After my husband passed away, I’m glad I still have those family memories and I don’t regret that decision but years later, I see how managing my finances had gone totally overboard.”

Finding a way out of debt

Soon the interest rates of Katrina’s loans and credit cards became so enormous, she had no money left to feed her family. She requested a 3-month hardship arrangement from the banks but when that period was over, the same loans and interest rates awaited her.

Katrina was working around the clock to end her debt cycle but when no viable solution seemed to exist, she fell into deep depression.

“It was too difficult to tell my extended family about my debt and ask to borrow money so I kind of just swallowed it all.”

“Sundays used to be my day off from work that we’d spend together as a family doing fun outings. But I didn’t want to get up anymore. I remember just lying on my bed feeling depressed and exhausted. It was the worst feeling.”

When negotiating her debts with her banks, a customer service agent at Westpac advised Katrina to contact Way Forward for help.

“I felt I had tried everything and nothing had worked so Way Forward seemed too good to be true. I felt there had to be a catch to what they were proposing.”

“When I was offered these reductions on my interest rates and option to simplify all my payments into one direct debit to Way Forward, I couldn’t believe it. I had a way out!”

“When my plan was approved, it felt like this heavy thing was lifted off my shoulders and I could move a little bit more freely.”

Living proof Way Forward works

Today, Katrina has two years left of her five-year debt repayment plan and excitedly awaits to become a debt-free woman.

Katrina has been so happy with the free service that she’s told many people about Way Forward and even referred a friend who is over a year into her payment plan. The friend also referred someone else to Way Forward.

“I am inspired to work more to pay off this debt, to finish it. What has helped me is being able to take my family out again because I know my budget and how much spare money I have left at the end of the month. I feel more in control of my finances now.”

“In the next few years, I’ll be able to finish. Imagine if I could save as much as I’m putting into my debt repayments! I could do something else like save for a big project once I’ve paid off all my debts. That thought keeps me energised.”

For anyone in financial trouble today, Katrina has this advice, “Don’t think twice about contacting Way Forward.”

“In three years, I went from depression and feeling like there was no way out of my debts to feeling so inspired and making financial plans for the future. I am living proof it works! I can’t thank Way Forward enough for turning things around for me and my family.”

Way Forward helps clients in three simple steps:

Step 1: We evaluate your circumstance and financial situation.

Step 2: We take over negotiations with creditors and act your behalf.

Step 3: We put together a manageable repayment plan and budget. You make one reoccurring payment to us that we then distribute to all creditors, 100% of which goes towards reducing the debt.

If you’re stuck, get help. Pick up the phone and ask for support. Find out if we can help you.

Use our free budget planner or debt repayment calculator.

There is no reason to struggle alone as help is out there.

Struggling to pay for the essentials such as food and rent and want to know more about your options? Our emergency funding page lists some of the available free emergency services and funding if you live in Australia and find yourself in financial difficulty.

By Rachel Ryan

Rachel is a policy and communications specialist with over a decade of experience working in government, education and not-for-profit organisations. She is grateful for the opportunity to work alongside Way Forward’s clients to assist them in sharing their story on their terms, in a way that is empowering and uplifting.