Collection House Limited joins Way Forward as its latest member

Way Forward is pleased to announce that Collection House Group has joined Way Forward as its newest member, demonstrating its commitment to customers with multiple debts who need comprehensive solutions to address their financial hardship.

Way Forward CEO David Berry said: “We warmly welcome Collection House Group to Way Forward. Through its membership, Collection House Group will be offering extra support to those customers who are struggling to manage their debts across multiple lenders.”

“We congratulate them on taking steps to refine their services to be further focused on supporting their customers in need.”

“Our unique service provides holistic support from Way Forward’s hardship advocacy team that negotiate with creditors on behalf of our clients to help them pay off their debts faster.”

“Working alongside our members, we hope to continue to build effective partnerships that help us with furthering our goal of provided a person-centered service that puts clients and their needs first.”

“Way Forward is a member-based organisation and without their support, we would not exist.”

Collection House Group

“We thank the Collection House Group for their commitment to providing additional pathways for people who are struggling to pay off their debts.”

Collection House Group CEO Doug McAlpine said: “Our partnership with Way Forward is an important milestone in Collection House’s journey of providing outstanding customer service and doing more to help our customers solve complex financial problems with care and empathy.”

“Way Forward’s exceptional skills in supporting those experiencing financial hardship will supplement our strong existing capabilities and provide a platform for us to have greater involvement in programs which have wider social impact.”

By David Berry

David is the CEO of Way Forward with over 25 years’ experience in the Financial Services Industry. With a passion for ensuring people who need assistance are supported with compassion and kindness, David and the wider Way Forward team have built Way Forward’s free service to always begin with the client’s best interest regardless of why they’ve landed in hardship.