In sickness and in health – Lee’s story

I still deal with that bank today simply for the fact that…

Trying to hold everything together in tough times – Naomi’s story

"When your soul mate is falling apart and you're the backbone…

Amir went from falling behind to getting ahead

It started with being a bit excessive. The debt and the excessive…

Dave – finding hope again

"There is still a fair way to go. I am not jumping over fences with enthusiasm or anything like that, but my optimism is certainly rising"

Amanda – with money issues, education is key

“It felt like you were in an endless spiral of going nowhere.”

Sharyn – no longer trapped in a crippling debt spiral

“I never knew there was anything out there that could help me. It was such a relief. I didn’t believe I could actually get some help.”

Dan – the importance of maintaining a good credit rating

“I learned my lesson the hard way”

No longer borrowing food to eat – Steve’s story of perseverance

“We were in a no-win situation; we were going bankrupt. Now, everyone gets quite a good outcome out of this.”

Peter on feeling heard again and having a positive outlook

“My outlook is a lot better…. I have something for my kids, I’ll have something to give back to them”

James no longer has to ration food or worry about his debts

“I never thought I would be rationing toast”

Supporting people find the

Supporting people find the

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